Thursday, 3 November 2011

Make-Up... For Men?

I have to admit, I am partial to a man wearing nail polish, but:
- It has to be black
- It has to be chipped
- It has to look like they couldn't care less about wearing it
- And it has to fit in with their look (Indie/Rocker)

I'm telling you this, not because I'm having a ManPerv moment, but because EvolutionMan have launched a Nail Polish specifically marketed and made for men.
There are five nail polishes in the range, 2 sheers, and three "manly" colours:
- "Pavement", a soft grey
- "Alter Ego", a metallic purple and
- "Stand Out" a gunmetal metallic grey.
All of the colour shades are matte as seen below.
Nevermind the men, I want these bad boys for myself! 

The only price I could find for these were $14 (£8.77), so they are reasonably mid-priced.
However my main problem with nail varnish isn't that men are wearing it. My one problem is that men can buy a wider colour range at a cheaper price (Barry M, Gosh), and I can't help but wonder, is there is really a market for this? As surely if you are comfortable wearing nail polish, then you would feel just as comfortable buying your everyday high-street brand.

Surprisingly, when I surveyed my male friends they said, although they have worn Nail Varnish before (Blacks, Browns and Blues were most popular) and would do again, buy they wouldn't buy from this brand. 
I don't blame them, why pay more for something just because it's "made for men", nails are nails.

Before you knock nail varnish on men, here's a man who is most certainly rocking it.
Offft, Johnny Depp, you're so worth the drool on my keyboard. 

I think Nail Varnish on a man shows he's confident, he obviously doesn't care what people think, and that's sexy.
Speaking of Johnny Depp, he has been partial to a bit of guyliner in the past, much like another celeb crush of mine Russell Brand. (Scroll to end if you wanna see a very stalkerish picture of me and the man himself ).
These men, and their make-up, make me act like a skeezy Builder perving from Scaffolding (lots of "Phoarring" and "Wheeeeey, Hello Sunshine" were involved while searching for pictures). 
On the right man, a little bit of make-up can turn up the sex appeal. 
Also, why shouldn't a man be allowed to use a teeny bit of concealer? 
I'd hate to have to go on a date, or even out of the house, if I had the spot of the century living on my forehead. 
If a man uses a skin-care regime and looks groomed, it shows he takes care of his appearance and want's to impress you, both of which, sound good to me.

Make-up, for me, is also about experimenting and I genuinely enjoy using it and changing my looks to suit my mood, so I do feel a bit sorry for men, they don't have that chance.

However, I do think men's make-up can be taken too far. Eyelure have recently started selling false lashes for guys at £4.75 a pair.

This confuses me for 2 reasons:
1) For me, flutterey lashes are a very feminine feature.
2) Every guy I've ever seen has had eyelashes that could make Kim Kardashian herself jealous.

So what do you think, Is your man partial to a bit of cosmetic help? 
Or do you think Make-Up should stay in a girl's handbag?

Now, as promised, here is a picture of me and Russell Brand's Armpit. 
If you judge me on one thing, please do not make-it this picture. 
I turned into a fangirl that could rival a 13 year old Belieber. And no, I'm not proud.
M x


  1. I'd heard about these polishes but I thought it was just a terrifying rumour :0 Great post!

  2. Nope, they're real!
    Although I do have a feeling it may be a clever marketing ploy to generate interest in the company.
    Thanks :)

  3. I would like them for myself too! lol I can't see my husband buying any of this lol xx

  4. @Hayley
    Can't see my boyfriend buying them either, it's hard enough to get him to use face wash instead of shower gel in the mornings, let alone nail polish and eyelashes xxx


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