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Zoya Fall Collection - Smoke and Mirrors Swatches and Review. Part 1 - Smoke.

I was recently lucky enough to be one of the winners chosen by Zoya Nail Polish and Treatments on Facebook to win the whole (very generous) Smoke  & Mirrors Collection. 
All I had to do was comment on their status stating my favourite colour from the collection. 
But I read it wrong, I thought the competition was to comment with your favourite shade from the collection and you could win that Polish. So you'll imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks ago the whole Smoke & Mirrors Collection arrived at my door.
 At first I thought it had been a glorious mistake, (like I was going to complain), but it turns out I had just been a complete bint and misread it.
Left to Right: Jana, Petra, Codie, Anja, Cynthia and Dree.
Looks like Zoya Cynthia (Dark Blue Grey) has been hitting the bottle, hahrharhar, I crack myself one? Really?

So enough babbling already, lets see some swatches!
Jana is a muted dusky mauve. 
It was almost opaque in one coat, but two coats would be perfect. 
Jana really has a lovely creamy quality to it. 

Petra is dark purple eggplant cream with grey tones. Again, this was opaque in two coats. 
As you can see Petra and Jana are very similar, though Jana is more pinky.

Codie is a Brown/Black with cool tones. 
I've never seen a colour like it, and I don't have anything similar in my collection. 
I can't wait to use it properly, and I think it would be perfect for leopard print nail art. 
In real life this colour is creamier and a touch lighter than on my nail. The bottle is a truer representation of colour. Almost opaque in one.

Anja is deep burgundy wine. 
It's a very vampy colour, that was opaque in one coat.

Cynthia is a creamy and intense Prussian blue with grey tones. 
Cynthia is the only colour from the collection that had tiny, almost unnoticeable micro shimmers. It's not as dark and black in real life as it is in the swatch, again the bottle, is a truer representation. 
Add two coats for a cleaner finish.

Dree is a creamy olive-khaki green. 
It has to be one of my favourite colours from the collection because it's so unique. 
I used this last week for Halloween Frankenstien nails and the colour is amazing. 
Almost opaque in one, add two coats for good measure.

I love all of these colours. The whole collection has an intense creamy finish, and I really do get the "smokeyness" that Zoya were trying to portray.
 Although some of the shades are quite different and deep they are also really wearable and classy. 
All of shades were almost opaque in one coat, but a second coat would add the perfect finish. The polishes were extremely smooth and easy to apply, they also dried fairly quick. Zoya polishes also have a generous 15ml. 
Unfortunately this is wear my obsession with Zoya starts and ends.
The whole collections would have cost me at nearly £50 from here, and the cheapest I could find the single polishes were £5.95 from here. (Both excluding delivery).
If you were buying the collection I would only buy either Jana or Petra, not both, as they are pretty similar.
They really are lovely polishes in every way and I do recommend them, but they are out of my student budget. 
If money was no object, I would definitely pick up some more, but until I win the lottery I will just have to use every last drop of these.

Have you ever tried Zoya Polishes? What is your favourite from the Collection?
Will you be buying any Zoya Polishes in the future?

Look out for my Mirrors Review from the Fall Collection coming soon.

M x


  1. What a lovely suprise that must have been! Especially loving the Jana & Anja shades!

    Georgie <3

  2. Jana's lovely, but I think my favourite has to be Dree, I've never seen anything like it :) x


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