Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Elf Lipstick Ain't So Classy

You may remember from my Elf order that I was really excited to repurchase Elf Lipstick in Classy. 
I'd had my old Classy for a while now, it had broke in the middle, and if I'm honest, it was looking a bit scabby. 
So when Elf offered their Mystery Box Promotion, I decided to fork out the grand sum of £1.50 and replace my ole favourite, Classy. 

Classy is the most perfect colour, its a creamy baby pink with an almost matte finish, 
its very full coverage and goes with literally everything. 
It brightens up a nude look, but takes a side step with a smokey eye and let's it do all the talking.

However, when my order arrived, the Lipstick looked a lot darker than I remembered it.
Worrying that I'd gotten the name wrong, I fished out my old Classy, and I was right - they are completely different. 
But don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

Left: Old Classy, Right: New Classy

Excuse my battered old Classy on the left,I didn't expect it to see the light of day again,
(now you see why I was reordering). 
I am so disappointed. 
I may be overreacting, after all, they are both pink lipsticks, but it's just not what I 
wanted, or needed. 

Even the texture is different, Old Classy is a smooth, full colour, almost matte cream, New Classy is a light, sheen lipstick with a shiny gloss finish, and it's not very pigmented. 
New Classy isn't a bad lipstick, I just wasn't expecting it, and it won't go with looks I had in mind.

Make-up being discontinued is not uncommon, but what I don't understand is, 
if you're gonna make a new lipstick, why not just give it a new name? 
It's extremely hard to get a good quality creamy and smooth light pink lipstick on a budget, and Old Classy was a fail-safe lipstick combination. 
Elf, please bring the Old Classy back!

Which Classy do you prefer? 
Have any of your favourite make-up products ever had a sneaky makeover?
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  1. Not so Classy ELF!
    I think the best baby pink they have right now is probably Runway Pink in the £3.50 line, maybe you should try it! It's definitely one of their more popular colours x

  2. That sucks. I've been fairly disappointed with Elfs products recently especially when the concealer I ordered the other day arrived and fell apart within seconds of being opened. Poor show.


  3. hmmmm i think for my skin tone, new classy, but i get what you mean...hate it when the change the colour and keep the name! shame its not as pigmented etc as old elf, oh well, I think the closest high street ive found to classy, in terms of colour and texture, is maybelline moisture lipstick in anemone (you can find it on fragrance direct for £1.50) hope this helps a bit xxx

  4. Wtf??!! It's totally different, you're not overreacting at all. Did u contact them? How have they explain that?

  5. @Kayleigh, Cheers, I'll give it a go, I haven't actually tried anything from that line yet :)

    @Little Red, what?! That's terrible, did you complain?

    @DibDabs, It's really annoying isn't it? Thanks for the tip off :D

    @Alex, I know right!
    I wrote to Beauty Baron (owner of ELF UK) on Facebook, and he explained that the shades are determined by the American providers, so they have no choice, and that he would see if they had a couple if Old Classy left in stock.
    A couple of people also suggested that perhaps both the box and the lipstick itself were mislabeled.
    Here's hoping as I really loved Old Classy, New Classy isn't a patch on it :(


  6. Aghh just received this lipstick and wish I'd read this review before! I google imaged & youtubed before buying, but clearly I saw reviews of the old Classy because the one I have is dark compared to the light pink I was hoping for :(
    I share your disappointment
    Did you get an old Classy in the end?


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