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Halloween Make-Up Tutorial: Owl/Bird of Prey

Happy Halloween! 
Today is my last Halloween Tutorial until next year, and I've loved doing them. It's helped kick my blog off with a bang, and when else do you get the chance to be creative and go wild? 
Speaking of being wild, today's tutorial is an Owl, yes, A OWL BRUV! 
(Anybody else seen Phoneshop? Don't click if easily offended).

My friend Katherine phoned me up on Friday night, stressed to tears, because she had yet to find a Halloween costume for a party we were going to on Saturday. 
She didn't have any money to spend, and limited supplies, so being the lovely friend I am, (that and she promised to buy me a drink), I offered to do her make-up. 
Like I said, Katherine didn't really have a costume, so the make-up had to be the main attraction. 
Katherine, with her love of all things owly, decided to throw me right out of my comfort zone and asked to be an Owl. I'm not a make-up artist by any means, but wanting to help out a desperate friend, I uneasily agreed.
Here is the result:
Isn't she stunning?
Whadd'ya think? Not too shabby, even if I do say so myself. And Katherine loved it! 
If you want to recreate this look then here is a step by step tutorial and all the products used.

Products Used:
- 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer
- Classic Colours Snazaroo Face and Body Paint in White
- Loreal Paris Infallible Foundation Matte Finish in Porcelain
- MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 1
- Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder in Translucent
- MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 4

Feathered Flecks:
- MUA Heaven and Earth Pallette, Most Shades

- No7 Mini Teal Eyeliner
- Black Liquid Eyeliner
- Golden Browns Palette (Bought From A Euro Store in Spain)
- MUA Single Eyeshadow, Pearl Shades 12 and 9 (The Most Gorgeous Purple Duochrome)
- Sleek I-Divine Palette in Storm, Shades 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12
- Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in 021 Red Dynamite
- Benefit "They're Real" Mascara

- Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in 021 Red Dynamite
- NYX Lip Cream in Amsterdam 
- Sleek I-Divine Palette in Storm, Shade 12


- Firstly, (after applying primer) using a foundation brush I mixed Snazaroo Face Paint in white and Loreal Infalliable Foundation in Porcelain and applied all over the face, setting with Loose Powder.
Katherine requested the eyes had a touch of Black Swan about them, so using my Rimmel lip liner in Red Dynamite I underlined the eyes and smudged. I then drew around the eyes in black eyeliner, taking a line from the side of the nose to above the eyebrow and into the hairline. 
- Next I filled in the outlined eyeliner using a matte black eyeshadow, then went over with MUA Shade 12. After that, I started to add flecks of colour using a flat lip/eyeshadow brush. I used my Sleek Storm Pallette as detailed above, and also added MUA Shade 9 and No7 Teal eyeliner.
- To create a softer, feathered effect to the eye, I blended the shape outwards with gold eyeshadow. Then using an array of browns and golds from the products above the gently flicked the eyeshadows towards the temples.
- To add a fluttery look, I used Benefit's They're Real Mascara.
- To make the face look feathery, I used my lip brush again, and softly stroked various colours from MUA Heaven and Earth Palette. Moving in outward in different directions, as seen above.
- To give a strong beak, I covered the lips using foundation and pressed powder then drew the desired shape with red lipliner. I then filled the beak shape with NYX Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam, outlining with matte black eyeshadow to give a strong line.
- To finish, Katherine's hair was loosely curled and teased, adding feather hair accessories.

I think this look provides the perfect balance between theatrical and pretty, and am I the only one who thinks this would be a killer look for a Masquerade Ball?
I've been out the past two nights (Corpse Bride, fyi) and can't physically move from the sofa afford to go out tonight, so let me be nosey and live vicariously through you, 
what are your plans for Halloween?

And just to embarrass Kaffie, here is a very flattering picture of her mid-yawn. 
Sleepy Owl.

M x


  1. She looks really cool, I think you did a great job! Did she get a lot of compliments?
    Here in Holland Halloween is not such a big thing, but i had a roller derby halloween scrimmage so that was pretty much fun.

    X Floor

  2. Aww, Thank you. Yes! She was so happy, I think she was having a major panic over Halloween, and she ended up the talk of the party.
    When I finished, I was a little bit jealous I had not done it myself :)
    Roller Derby? Wow, I really want to get into that, I've even bought my own skates, now, I err, just need to learn how to skate....

  3. She's gorgeous and the make up is great. Thanks for the tutorial.


  4. What an incredible makeup job! I'm blown away.

  5. cool look :D
    Come say hi on my blog :)
    Love Lois xxx

  6. Thank you so much everyone.
    Kaffie will be made-up (bad pun, I know) when I tell her how this looks gone down.
    I'm pretty proud myself, turned out a lot better than I thought it would, I mean an owl? Who asks for that?! :)


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