Sunday, 6 November 2011

Free Lip Rock Lip Gloss worth £6.95 with this month's Cosmopolitan Magazine

A little post just to mention that with this month's (December) Cosmopolitan Magazine you get a free 

If that wasn't enough for you freebie lovers, there is also a discount card for The Body Shop worth either £3, £15 or a whopping £100, (you just need to take it into you local store and they'll let you know how much it's worth). 
Included with this month's issue is their "Little Book of Big Discounts", I've had a quick flick through the book and discounts featured are Bourgois, Avon, The Body Shop, Nfu.Oh Nail Polish, and plenty more.
And, there's even a cheeky pack of Cadbury Fabulous Fingers to nibble while you read, nomnomnom.

I picked up a super glittery red gloss, and (as far as I can tell), you can chose between a coral and a pinkish colour too.
The magazine is £3.50 itself, but you get at least £10 of freebies, maybe even more if you get lucky with your Joy Body Shop Card, (let me know if you do).
My last magazine freebie post went down really well, (Glamour are giving readers a free £11 Nails Inc Polish), so I thought if your anything like me and love a good bargain, you might like this.

I'm not sure if I'll keep the LipGloss or not, 
LipGloss + My Long Hair + Edinburgh Windy Weather = A Furry Sticky Pout,
So I may add it to my Giveway (Coming Soon), either way it's a great deal.

Are you a Lipgloss Lover? Will you pick up this month's Cosmo?
Also, please let me know if you like Magazine Freebie Posts :)

M x

Update: My Blogger is acting really weird and every time I try to comment on one of you lovely lady's blogs, it skips past the Captcha and then deletes my comment. 
It's really frustrating because I love interacting with other bloggers and it's making me look like the most unsociable, stuck-up betch. 
Is anyone else having this problem?

This post is not affiliated or sponsored with Cosmopolitan or any other company, and as always opinions are my own and honest.


  1. WOW! I will definitely be running to tescos to pick this up before college this week!


  2. @Chloe, It's so worth it, hope you manage to get one :)

  3. I got this on Friday. Such good value! Like you, I'm not too sure about the lipgloss, just because I already have loads of them. I think I'll pop into the Body Shop tomorrow to see what value my card is. Have you checked yours yet?? xx

  4. @Hannah Rose, Decided to put the LipGloss on my giveaway, I'd rather it go to someone who will really use it. I'm really more of a lipstick girl, coveting Russian Red atm..
    No I've not been in yet, it's quite exciting, let me know what you get :)

  5. All the cosmo magazines i looked at in Asda last night were lipgloss-less... Do you have to send off for them or are they meant to come in packaging with the mag?


  6. @Evelyn, that's a shame, they are meant to come with all freebies. My magazine was also sealed in a see-through bag. Try your local shop, hope you manage to get one x


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