Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Make-Up Tutorial: Owl/Bird of Prey

Happy Halloween! 
Today is my last Halloween Tutorial until next year, and I've loved doing them. It's helped kick my blog off with a bang, and when else do you get the chance to be creative and go wild? 
Speaking of being wild, today's tutorial is an Owl, yes, A OWL BRUV! 
(Anybody else seen Phoneshop? Don't click if easily offended).

My friend Katherine phoned me up on Friday night, stressed to tears, because she had yet to find a Halloween costume for a party we were going to on Saturday. 
She didn't have any money to spend, and limited supplies, so being the lovely friend I am, (that and she promised to buy me a drink), I offered to do her make-up. 
Like I said, Katherine didn't really have a costume, so the make-up had to be the main attraction. 
Katherine, with her love of all things owly, decided to throw me right out of my comfort zone and asked to be an Owl. I'm not a make-up artist by any means, but wanting to help out a desperate friend, I uneasily agreed.
Here is the result:
Isn't she stunning?
Whadd'ya think? Not too shabby, even if I do say so myself. And Katherine loved it! 
If you want to recreate this look then here is a step by step tutorial and all the products used.

Products Used:
- 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer
- Classic Colours Snazaroo Face and Body Paint in White
- Loreal Paris Infallible Foundation Matte Finish in Porcelain
- MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 1
- Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder in Translucent
- MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 4

Feathered Flecks:
- MUA Heaven and Earth Pallette, Most Shades

- No7 Mini Teal Eyeliner
- Black Liquid Eyeliner
- Golden Browns Palette (Bought From A Euro Store in Spain)
- MUA Single Eyeshadow, Pearl Shades 12 and 9 (The Most Gorgeous Purple Duochrome)
- Sleek I-Divine Palette in Storm, Shades 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12
- Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in 021 Red Dynamite
- Benefit "They're Real" Mascara

- Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in 021 Red Dynamite
- NYX Lip Cream in Amsterdam 
- Sleek I-Divine Palette in Storm, Shade 12


- Firstly, (after applying primer) using a foundation brush I mixed Snazaroo Face Paint in white and Loreal Infalliable Foundation in Porcelain and applied all over the face, setting with Loose Powder.
Katherine requested the eyes had a touch of Black Swan about them, so using my Rimmel lip liner in Red Dynamite I underlined the eyes and smudged. I then drew around the eyes in black eyeliner, taking a line from the side of the nose to above the eyebrow and into the hairline. 
- Next I filled in the outlined eyeliner using a matte black eyeshadow, then went over with MUA Shade 12. After that, I started to add flecks of colour using a flat lip/eyeshadow brush. I used my Sleek Storm Pallette as detailed above, and also added MUA Shade 9 and No7 Teal eyeliner.
- To create a softer, feathered effect to the eye, I blended the shape outwards with gold eyeshadow. Then using an array of browns and golds from the products above the gently flicked the eyeshadows towards the temples.
- To add a fluttery look, I used Benefit's They're Real Mascara.
- To make the face look feathery, I used my lip brush again, and softly stroked various colours from MUA Heaven and Earth Palette. Moving in outward in different directions, as seen above.
- To give a strong beak, I covered the lips using foundation and pressed powder then drew the desired shape with red lipliner. I then filled the beak shape with NYX Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam, outlining with matte black eyeshadow to give a strong line.
- To finish, Katherine's hair was loosely curled and teased, adding feather hair accessories.

I think this look provides the perfect balance between theatrical and pretty, and am I the only one who thinks this would be a killer look for a Masquerade Ball?
I've been out the past two nights (Corpse Bride, fyi) and can't physically move from the sofa afford to go out tonight, so let me be nosey and live vicariously through you, 
what are your plans for Halloween?

And just to embarrass Kaffie, here is a very flattering picture of her mid-yawn. 
Sleepy Owl.

M x

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Free Nails Inc Polish worth £11 with Glamour Magazine

Just a quick post to mention that included with this month's Glamour Magazine is a free full-size Nails Inc Nail Polish worth £11. The magazine itself is only £2, so you are effectively saving £9 and getting a free magazine, not too shabby. 
The shade I received was Basil Street a pale soft toffee colour, but there are three other colours available. As far as I can see from the picture in last month's issue, they are a deep red, a dark mauve pink and a black/possibly dark brown, (names not known I'm afraid).
The Polish comes in a lovely little box and is not marked with any ugly, "Do Not Resell" or "Free with Glamour", so if it's not your cup of tea, you could even put it away as a cheeky Christmas or Birthday Present.
My lovely boyfriend, James, bought me a subscription to Glamour, so I would have got the magazine anyway, but if you're not, it's definitely worth checking out.
Also, when I subscribed around 2 weeks ago, I got a fab free gift, a Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer, worth £27. 
My free gift only arrived in the post a couple of days ago, so I'm yet to try it out properly, but it will feature in my Battle of The Primers post, (soon to come). 
My subscription was only £15 for 12 months, but so far I've already received £38 worth of freebies, not to mention the magazine itself, so I think it was well worth the money.
You can subscribe to Glamour, and receive the free Murad Primer, here. 
This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Glamour, I just thought I'd pass on a good deal. And if, like me, you buy Glamour anyway, it's worth having a look.

M x

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Maxine Reviews: Simple Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen

Stock Image from Google.

The whole idea of this product was genius. 
I am a huge fan of 1940's flicked eyeliner, but it can be a bit tricky trying to get two evenly matched flicks, meaning sometimes it takes a couple of attempts to get it looking perfect. 
And how many times have you applied your mascara only for the top lashes to smudge below your brow? 
The Simple Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen seemed to have the answer to these problems, a small white pen with a soft felt nib to fix any make-up mistakes, important word being "seemed".

I bought the Simple Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen on a trip to boots, at £4.99, it was a bit pricey for my  student budget, but can you put a price on flawless eyeliner?

Sure, the first time I used the Corrector Pen I was impressed, light, easy to handle and removed the desired amount of eyeliner precisely. (Also, when I purchased this product I didn't realise that you have to clean the nib with a make-up/baby wipe after each use, makes sense I suppose, but a wipe each time you use it, to me, seems a bit excessive).

However the next time I came to use the Corrector Pen it seemed there was still some leftover make-up on it, because instead of removing my make-up, it just added a smudgy mess to it.
I've since gave it numerous chances and they have all ended in disaster, the nib had started to split into a fluffy wreck, drying up in the process. No matter how much I have tried to clean it with make-up wipes, it is still a dirty greyish colour.

- A great idea in theory.
- As with all simple products, it has no alcohol, no perfume and no harsh chemicals.

- It just doesn't work after your first use, and often makes your small mistake into a smudgy wreck.
- You have to use a make-up/baby wipe after each use (they recommend a Simple Make-Up wipe). 
This annoyed me for three reasons, 
1) Why don't I just use the wipe lightly to remove my mistake? 
2) I payed for the pen already, why should I have to buy wipes?
3) Using a wipe each time doesn't seem good for my wallet or the environment.
- Forking out £4.99 for something that only works once, cheers Simple.
 (Yes, I know it's only £4.99, but that's a new lipstick or nail polish!).
- It just doesn't live up to the hype.

Simple says: Our Eye Make-up Corrector Pen is the perfect tool to easily remove eye make-up mistakes, even waterproof mascara. The precision tip allows you to correct mistakes leaving the rest of your make-up untouched.

I say: I have seen a lot of positive reviews of this product - but they have all been sponsored. I don't know how anyone can honestly say they love this product. 
Don't waste your money for something you will only get one or two uses from. Try an ear-bud dipped in make-up remover/cleanser or toner. It will have the same effect, and be a lot lighter on your bank balance.

M x

Halloween Make-Up Tutorial: Twilight and True Blood Inspired Modern Vampire

Today I've got another Halloween Tutorial, (are you sick of them yet?). 
Both the Halloween tutorials I've made before (Zombie/Corpse Bride and Lady Gaga Skull Face) have been very dramatic and scary looks, so I thought I would try a "prettier" Halloween look. 

I've called this look Modern Vampire as it's not your traditional coffin-dwelling, garlic-fearing, dodgy Transylvanian accent-bearing Vamp, (Sozza Dracula). 
Let me start by saying, I am a huge fan of Vampires, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (cheesy, I know), was, and is still my favourite TV Show. Although recently, thanks to the Twilight Saga and TV shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, there has been a Vampire explosion in modern culture. These Vampires or, Glampires, are sexy and sultry. 
Modern vampires have a timeless beauty. As Edward Cullen says in Twilight, 
"Everything about me invites you in — my voice, my face, even my smell". 
The Modern Vampire is designed to lure you in, they need to be sexy and straddle the line between innocence and danger. 

Apparently becoming a vampire means you get insanely glossy hair, a clear ivory complexion and impossibly chiseled cheekbones (must be the blood diet). Unfortunately not many of us are blessed with those striking features, so what's a girl to do, but fake it? 

My inspiration for this look is Jessica and Queen Sophie Anne from True Blood, (both fellow pale red heads) and Rosalie Hale/Cullen from the Twilight Saga. 

So here it is :)

To enlarge just click.
Products Used:
- 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer
- Loreal Paris Infallible Foundation Matte Finish in Porcelain
- MUA Brush-On Concealer Pen
- MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 1
- Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder in Translucent

- MeMeMe Blush in Coral
- MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 4
- Benefit Highbeam

- HD Brows Kit in Vamp (HarHarHar, no pun intended)
- MUA Mascara Shade 1 Clear (Used as Brow Gel)
- Sleek I-Divine Palette in Storm, Shades 2, 6, 11 and 12
- Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in 021 Red Dynamite
- Benefit "They're Real" Mascara
- Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Black

- Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in 021 Red Dynamite
- MUA Lipstick Shade 13

- I applied my base using the products stated, I used the palest foundation I had (Loreal Paris Infallible Foundation Matte Finish in Porcelain), which is the lightest colour in the range. 
- Vampires have killer cheekbones, I do not. So I applied my MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 4 underneath the cheeks and applied Benefit High Beam aboves my cheekbones and on the browbone. There is a reason High Beam is nicknamed "Super Model in A Bottle".
- I used Blush solely for the purposes of contouring, the Blush I used (MeMeMe Blush in Coral) is a very light and peachy colour, I applied it softly as the blush has to be barely noticible, vampires do not get flushed. 
Vampires are cold, they are not sweaty or shiny therefore, I set my face with Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder in Translucent.
- As you can see from my inspiration collage all the Vampy lady's have perfectly defined brows, to achieve this I combed my brows, made sure they were no stray hairs and filled them in with my HD Brow kit, mixing the black and brown to get a dark brown. I then fixed my Brows with MUA Clear Mascara.
- Now, on to the eyes, I drew red lip liner underneath my eyes and in the waterline, I then blended outwards, applying a little matte black to the outer corner, and a little golden white in the inner eye.
- I then applied matte brown along the top line of my eye and blended, adding some golden white.
- Next, I took my Maybelline Gel Liner and lined my top eyelid, ending in a soft flick.
- To give a fluttery look I curled my lashes and applied 2-3 coats of Benefit's "They're Real" Mascara. I was going to add false lashes at this point, but I was more than happy with the effect the mascara gave, however if you wanted to add extra drama, go ahead.
- Lastly I lined and filled my lips with my red lip liner (Rimmel Red Dynamite), and put a slick of MUA Lipstick in Shade 13 over the top. I cannot praise this lipstick enough, its the perfect shade of bright blood red and is only £1!

- To finish, I lightly curled my hair with staighteners and used Neal & Wolf Glow Super Shine Spray to give my hair make my hair glossy (dead for over a hundred years yet I still have shiny hair?). 

I love this look, it's combines a sultry retro feel with a little bit of danger. 
And is it just me, or does the red eyeliner look pretty good? 
I think this is definitely a look which can be worn again and again. 
It's my new favourite night out make-up.
Go forth, Vamp up, and h
ave a lovely weekend.
M x

Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween Make-Up Tutorial Part 2: Zombie Corpse Bride. Grrr. Arrrg.

Seeing as it's nearly Halloween I thought I might treat you to another Spooky tutorial, 
treat, d'ya geddit? No, oh, I give up. 
I love Zombie Films, they are the perfect amount of cheese and horror, and a Zombie is such an easy yet scary Halloween costume, (scroll down to the bottom to see my past Halloween Costumes).
You can wear your old clothes, and using this tutorial you don't need a lot of make-up products. Here is a Zombie/Corpse Bride make-up tutorial. I've tried to keep it fairly easy to follow and used basic products.

You will need:
- White Face Paint, (if you are stuck just use a creamy moisturiser).
- Flour, any type, (you can use white face powder but it's not as easy to find).
- Black Liquid Eyeliner, best to use a cheap or old eyeliner as it may get damaged.
- Black, Brown, Green and Blue/Purple Eyeshadow, preferably matte.
- A red eyeliner/lip liner.
- Red/Dark Pink and Purple Lipsticks.
- Brushes for applying and blending.
- An optional extra would be a good primer, to help your look last all night.

Excuse the bemused faces I'm pulling, I would like to say I was channeling Zombie, but I'm still getting used to this posing malarkey. As always, just click on the photos to enlarge them.

- I started with a cleansed and moisturised face, this is very important as most face paints are oil based, meaning that if you already have oily skin, like me, you could breakout. The Base is very similar to my Skull tutorial. An extra option for this look would be to use a primer before you start, this will ensure an even base, and help your make-up last longer.
- First, I applied "Classic Colours Snazaroo Face and Body Paint" in white all over my face, it can be quite hard to work with so I used an old foundation brush.
- Next, I set the base with flour, yes flour! Just your everyday self-raising flour. Of course you can use white powder if you have any, but who does? Just lightly dust the flour around the face until your base no longer feels tacky. I used an old blusher brush, but any brush with soft bristles will do.

- Now you have your base you can start with the detail. I shaded one of my eyes with black eyeshadow. I wanted my Zombie face to be quite haphazard so I only shaded one eye, I find that the look is best when it is not symmetrical. I also took my black eyeshadow onto my temple and under my cheeks.- I then took my liquid eyeliner and drew a line underneath each eye, at this point I also drew cracks in my skin.
- To give a bruised and bloody feel I took a purple lipstick (Rimmel 124 Bordeaux) and a deep pink/purple (Barry M 141) and applied it over the lips, down from my nostril and under my eyes, then smudged and wiped. Dotting with a little black eyeshadow. You do not have to be precise at all, the messier, the better.
- I then took my red lip liner and applied under the eyes and in the waterline to give a bleeding eye look. 

- The next stage was adding some depth to the look. I took my eyeliner and drew 2 lines rising from my inner eye to my temple, to give the impression I was angry. I then blended these lines outwards using black eyeshadow. 
- To make the cuts and cracks more realistic I outlined 1 side of each cut/crack with a red lipstick (MUA Shade 1), and traced a little purple lipstick in the corner.
- Next I took my green eyeshadow and blended the lines on my forehead a little more, at this point I also smudged brown onto my nose and cheek. This was to act as mud/dirt on my face. 
- I then took my lipstick under one of eyes and blended outwards to make a bloody eye. In addition, I drew a red line on my cheek to make a cut, then smudged it downwards. Adding black eyeshadow underneath, to give a gaunt and sunken look.
- Finally I added some blue to my cuts and cracks to make them appear more veiny and protruding, then finished off with a lashing of mascara.
- An added option I have taken is to put red lipstick on my teeth, mimicking dried blood, I also filled in some of my teeth with black eyeliner. Although this makes the look more realistic, it's not something that would really be viable or lasting at a party because, as soon as you drink or eat, it will come straight off. It is however, great for pics.
Grrr. Arrrg. Who wouldn't want to marry me? Just casually chomping on an a tibia.
That is one face you would not wanna leave at the alter.

So there you go! That is your Zombie/Corpse Bride Make-Up tutorial, you don't need to be perfect with it. The messier you are, the more disheveled it will look, and the more realistic it will seem. To finish off the look backcomb your hair plenty, backcombing will work better on unwashed hair, (Zombies don't have clean hair!).
To add to the look I gave my hair a liberal spraying of dry shampoo (Batiste) and weaved through some old twigs and leaves from my garden (check for creepy crawlies, euugh). To complete my Corpse Bride look I added a net veil I bought from a Charity/Vintage Shop, you could however use some old net or lace curtains.

I hope this helped or gave a little inspiration, if there are any looks you would like me to recreate just comment below. 

As promised, here are some of the some of the Halloween looks I've had fun with before.

My lovely boyfriend James and I as Sonny and Cher. And yes, that is his real hair! Unfortunately, I can't say the same about my chest wig...

My best friends Katherine and Sarah, and I dressed as Zombie School Girl, Zombie Bride and Zombie Gaga. This was actually for my 19th Birthday Party, yes I had a Zombie Birthday Party, told you I was obsessed.

James and I, 2 years ago as Zombie Girl and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Cheers for dropping by and have a Happy Halloween!

M x

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Maxine Reviews: Johnson's Face Care Daily Essentials Refreshing Gel Wash

Okay, I agree. No one has ever set the world alight with the review of a face wash.
But bear with me, this is a Beauty Blog after all, it can't all be lipgloss and mascara. 
You've gotta start somewhere, and what use is a new MAC lipstick if you're covering up your face with a scarf because you're having (yet another) bad skin day.
As I have said before, I do have quite oily skin, which can be prone to breakouts, and so I preferred to use face washes that were specifically made for Acne skin. 

In my opinion, if it didn't strip your skin, and leave it dried out - it just wasn't working. 

The problem with using face wash made for spot prone skin is that some can strip your skin so much, that your skin then tries to combat the lack of moisture by producing even more oil a.k.a grease central.

I tried Johnson's Face Care Daily Essentials Refreshing Gel Wash when I was visiting family. I had received a couple of sachets in a magazine and to try and save space had brought them with me instead of my usual face wash. I wasn't expecting much from it to be honest, I had perceived Johnson's as a "gentle" baby brand, and assumed it would either leave a residue or not be "powerful" enough.

I hate to say it, but I was wrong, the face wash itself is so smooth, and feels very soft on your skin. Don't let the word "soft" fool you though. It cleaned my face thoroughly, leaving no residue, only a silky smooth face. The face wash has tiny little pink beads which burst when washing, leaving you refreshed. The smell has the same gently perfumed scent as all Johnson's products.

As soon as I had finished my sachets I went out and bought it straight away! With my own money I should add, and I wasn't disappointed. The packaging is pretty and simple, though do be careful not to squeeze too much of the face wash out, as this can easily happen.

- Leaves skin feeling super soft.
- Cleared my breakouts within days.
- Gentle enough to use daily.
- At £3.15 for 150ml (Boots price), this face wash is great value for money.
- Is widely stocked.

- Sometimes, if your not careful, too much product may ooze out.

Johnson's say: Gentle yet effective. Thanks to Johnson's expertise in soft, delicate skin, all products work in harmony with your skin type to provide gentle yet effective care for even sensitive skin.

I say: If you have problem skin, why not give this face wash a try? By taking a more gentle approach to you skin you might be surprised by the effect. Johnson's also have products lines for Dry and Combination skin. I really love this face wash and can't praise it enough. I highly recommend it :)

Johnson's Face Care Daily Essentials Refreshing Gel Wash 150ml can be bought here from Boots at £3.15, and is available in most supermarkets.

This is not a sponsored post. This product was bought with my own money and, as always, reviews are my own honest opinion.

M x

Halloween Make-Up Tutorial: Lady Gaga and Rick Genest Inspired Skull Face

Hey Again, 
Something a bit different today, I was recently watching this video, and thought what a great look this would be for Halloween. I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga, and Rick Genest features in her “Born This Way” video, in which Lady Gaga recreates his look. 
So enough rambling, here is my Lady Gaga and Rick Genest Skull inspired look. It’s really simple when you know how, this was my first attempt. I’ve tried to use minimal products that are easily available, good luck!

You will need:
- White Face Paint, (if you are stuck just use a creamy moisturiser).
- Flour, any type, (you can use white face powder but it's not as easy to find).
- Black Liquid Eyeliner, best to use a cheap or old eyeliner as it may get damaged.
- Black Eyeshadow, preferably matte.
- Brushes for applying and blending.
Just click to enlarge any of the pictures if you need a closer look :)
- I started with a cleansed and moisturised face, this is very important as most face paints are oil based, meaning that if you already have oily skin, like me, you could breakout. 
- I then applied "Classic Colours Snazaroo Face and Body Paint" in white all over my face, it can be quite hard to work with so I used an old foundation brush.
- Next I set the base with flour, yes flour! Just your everyday self-raising flour. Of course you can use white powder if you have any, but who does? Just lightly dust the flour around the face until your base no longer feels tacky. I used an old blusher brush, but any brush with soft bristles will do.
- Now, take your liquid eyeliner and draw a large circle around your eye. I took the circle over and just beyond my eyebrow, end your circle in a point on your cheeks.

- Then take your liquid eyeliner and draw two equal triangles on your nose, fill them in taking the line to just above the nostrils and tip of nose. Don't worry if the eyeliner doesn't look opaque enough, this can be filled in later with eyeshadow.
- On the the cheeks, fill in small squares below your cheeks, this will be later filled in to give a gaunt appearance.
 - Next, start adding detail with your liquid eyeliner, firstly take two lines from each eye and raise them to almost your hairline.
- Then trace a line from each lower cheek square you have drawn earlier. Take this across the mouth and lips.

- To give the appearance of teeth draw short thin lines about a centimetre apart along your mouth. At this point I also added some cracks along the jaw and made a more defined chin.
- Now you can start to fill in and blend with your eyeshadow. Take an eyeshadow applicator and pat your black eyeshadow over the areas where you have applied your eyeliner. This will make these areas more opaque and hide any gaps.
- Use your eyeshadow and applicator to elongate your forehead and mouth lines.
- Start to blend your forehead lines, but always blend outwords. In Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video she has prosthetic horns, unfortunately this is not realistic for most of us, but by blending outwards this will give the appearance of depth.
- Take your black eyeshadow and apply below the eyes, and cheeks to give a sunken hollow effect. Then apply and blend along the hairlines and chin. 

- Finally, apply a little eyeliner across the top of the nose and in the centre of the mouth and blend. At this point you can also add a lashing of mascara to cover any white marks.
Now pull silly faces, and scare your boyfriend/family/flatmates. It really is quite easy when you know how, this was the first time I'd ever tried it and I'm very happy with the results. 
You don't need many products and it looks really shocking and effective, rock it up with some backcombed hair or a side pony and suit a la Lady Gaga.
Happy Halloween!
M x

"This Is My Face, Covered In Freckles With An Occasional Spot And Some Veins"

Cheers Kate Nash, couldn’t have put it better myself.
Hey Lovelies, I’m Maxine, a 19 year old Law Student living in Edinburgh.
I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady and an even crazier make up over-obsesser.
I’m nowhere near perfect and definitely wouldn’t claim to be. I get morning breath, bad hair days and spots that make you wanna live under your duvet for the rest of the week. But if even I can cover them up and resemble something close to presentable, then so can you. 

I set up this blog roughly a month ago. I’d found some beauty blogs when searching online for a new foundation and soon it became a habit to check them every time I got on the Web.
Soon I was boring my friends to tears with the latest “it” mascara and my obsession for thicker brows, so to save their earholes, I decided to start blogging.
But flu and chest infections reared their ugly head, and made my head rather ugly.
Now that I’m better and I’m no longer being mistaken for an extra in The Walking Dead, here is my first FOTD. 
(3000 photos and one sore arm later, seriously, how do you fellow Beauty Bloggers make it look so easy?) 

What an Anti-Climax eh?
I wanted my first FOTD to be quite natural, with rosy cheeks and a softly defined light brown smokey eye. I kept the lips matte and in the same pink family as the cheeks. 
This look is very wearable and can be easily taken from day to night with a flick of black eyeliner or a sweep of retro red lipstick.

Products Used:
- 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer.
- Loreal Paris Infallible Foundation Matte Finish in Porcelain
- Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20
- Benefit Erase Paste in Medium No2
- MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 1
- Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder
- Cream Blush from 17 All About Nude Palette L.E
Contouring, Cheeks and Lip:
- Benefit High Beam
- MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 4
- Benefit Bella Bamba Blush
- NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp
- MUA Heaven and Earth Palette: Shades 1,  3 and 11
- MUA Single Eyeshadow in Pearl Shade 12
- HD Brows Kit in Vamp
- MUA Mascara Shade 1 Clear (Used as Brow Gel)
- No7 Lash Adapt Mascara Black
As you can see I have used a lot of products, (well I did want to look my best for you), but if you're in a rush you can skip the concealer, and just go for foundation, cream blush, powder, one eyeshadow and mascara. 

I'm not loyal to any particular brands, and I'm no make-up snob. The products I used range from £1 (MUA Brow Gel, MUA Eyeshadow, MUA Pressed Powder), to £31 (Ouch, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua). 
I honestly don't mind paying for something if I know it's good quality and will be worth it, I've had my Chanel VL for 6 months now, and still have loads left, so far it's only cost me £5 per month, which really isn't bad. 
On the other hand, I won't spend money on something purely for the label it holds, I am a huge fan of MUA and the Eyeshadow in Pearl, Shade 12, has to be my favourite eyeshadow ever, its hugely pigmented, and duo chrome, I urge you to buy it, and it's only a pound!

There is a famous phrase "Start as you mean to go on", so if you want honesty, and long winded rambles, then you’ve came to the right place but seriously, sorry for such a long post, now that the introduction is over we can start to get down to some proper Beauty business.
I’ve only recently in the past year started my Beauty addiction, and believe me when I’ve made some mistakes, (When I was 12 I used to think putting pale pink glittery eye shadow all over my face in substitute of bronzer was a good look, eeeek), though hopefully I’ve advanced a little more since then. 

But I’m still learning, and discovering new beauty tips and tricks, so let me share my journey, mistakes and beauty babbles with you :)
M x

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