Friday, 6 January 2012

Urban Decay NAKED2 Debenhams Link Leaked Early!

Extremely quick post to pass on the Debenhams Urban Decay NAKED2 Palette Link before it sells out.

Debenhams weren't due to post the link until midnight tonight, but someone must have either been very naughty, or made a little mistake, as the link is live!

Facebook is a buzz at the moment as Debenhams are saying they do not endorse this link, however, it does lead to their site, and contains the secure checkout function, and of course the Debenhams Beauty Card interface.
I'm not trying to scam people at all, and do not benefit from any sales or clicks.
Just trying to pass the link on, it leads to the Debenahms site, and is available to buy, so I can assure you I am not trying to lead people to spam.
The amount of technical expertise (and money) it would take to either make a whole copy of the Debenhams site, or reroute the bank details would be phenomenal.
Most likely someone has either found a code early (Debenhams would need to put the link up early in order to test its working), or someone inside Debenhams has leaked the code.
Like I said, I don't benefit from this in anyway, it's your money, and your choice.

Good luck girlies, and let me know how you get on.
Have you managed to nab Urban Decay Naked2?
M x

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