Wednesday, 16 November 2011

NOTD: Easy Tiger!

Couldn't resist a pun.
These nails were inspired by the extremely talented Emily and her Tiger Nails.
I love these nails, as they require very little effort or skill but have a huge wow factor. They're not exactly the most wintery nails, but they'd brighten up a drab outfit, and they even got the Boyfriend seal of approval!

You will need:
- Orange Nail Polish
- Yellow Nail Polish
- Gold Polish (Nail Art Pen would be easier)
- Black Polish (Nail Art Pen would be easier)

- Paint all your nails orange. 
- Lightly dab yellow polish over each nail (I used a cotton pad, dipped in the polish)
- Using either a gold nail art pen, or a gold polish with a light hand, make horizontal strokes across each nail.
- To make Tiger Stripes, use either a black nail art pen, or a black polish with a light hand, make horizontal strokes across each nail.
- Optional steps could be a base coat and a top coat.

Easy Peasy!

Do you think these nails are Grrrrreat? 
(Urggh, even I'm embarrassed by the Dodgy Pun)

M x


  1. Your nails look great :) I'm really getting into nail art, wish I had more time to do it though xx

  2. Oh this is lovely! I was wondering what to do with my nails tonight- definitely this!

  3. @Sarah, thank you, these really didn't take long at all, maybe 10 minutes? But the longest part was waiting for them to dry :)

    @C A Smith, did you give them a go? Send me a pic and I'll put it up :D



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