Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Just a mini wishlist this week as I was rather naughty with my bargainess yet hefty Superdrug Haul. 
Here's what I've been lusting after this week.

Mac Russian Red Lipstick £13.50
Just look at it.
Ah. Daddy Likey. 
I've been on the hunt for a blue-toned matte red lipstick for months and this lipstick ticks all the boxes. Even the name reminds me of a fur covered 1950's movie star sipping on a White Russian in between takes on set.
Perfect for retro looks and my favourite texture, but can I really justify £13.50 for a lipstick? 
Will I buy it anyway? 
Yes. Yes, I will.

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer £10
I've not had a chance to try Soap & Glory Cosmetics yet, and they have been hyped all over the bloggisphere. 
What better way to dip my feet into the Soap & Glory Ocean than their Kick Ass Concealer? 
A brightening under-eye concealer, a blemish concealer, a transparent setting powder with puff applicator and a mirror, for £10! 
I need this in my make-up bag.

Topshop Pillow Talk £9
A soft baby pink that has already been compared to MAC's Cream Cup. 
I can't wait to pair this with Smokey smudgey eyes. 
I've never tried Topshop make-up, obviously I've been living under a rock for three years as these products are constantly raved about. 
Let's see if they're worth the hype.

Lush Love Lettuce  Face Mask £5.50
I love this facemask. 
I was really ill with a fluey chest infection a couple of weeks ago and this was an absolute lifesaver, I treated my skin to it every other day. 
Love Lettuce is a green exfoliating facemask with chamomile to sooth redness and banish blemishes. 
It might not be the prettiest or cutest Lush FaceMask, but unlike Cupcake which smells unsurprisingly like Cupcakes, Love Lettuce works. 
And after all, isn't it what's on the inside the really counts?

Have you tried any of these products?
What are you lusting for this week?

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M x


  1. I bought pillow talk recently, love it!


    Thought it maybe would interest you and some of your fellow bloggers

  3. the love lettuce face mask from lush is amazing! can't go wrong with lush products.

    great blog btw :)

  4. @Chloe, ooooh, can you do a FOTD with it?

    @Tanesha-Marie, I picked it up yesterday :) Love a bit of lush, also got something really bizarre, wait till you see it in my Haul x

  5. I want pillow talk too, have put it on my christmas list :-)

    Holli x

  6. @Dragon Mommy, Still not managed to pick it up yet, this needs to change!! :)


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