Friday, 11 November 2011

FaceMask Friday: LUSH Love Lettuce FaceMask, £5.50

 I've been very bad to my skin this week, Alcohol, Chocolate and Late Nights, (you know, all the fun stuff), and my skin is not ready to forgive me in a hurry. 
What better way to get back in my skin's good books than a LUSH FaceMask? Made by hand using little or no preservatives and fresh, if my skin doesn't love me after this then I give up! 
The facemask I'm using this week is Love Lettuce, the mask retails for £5.50, and can be bought from most LUSH stores
You may have seen this mask in my recent LUST LIST and I finally managed to pick it up in my Glasgow Haul.

First Impressions:
The mask comes in a little, black matte and plastic screw-top pot, and contains 75g worth of product.
Considering most sachets of facemask only have 10ml of product, 75g is a lot. I would say from using the mask before, that if used frugally, this mask could hold around around 10 thin masks. So, although Love Lettuce seems expensive at £5.50, in reality it's only 55p per facemask application. 

The mask itself is a light pea green colour, and smells of soothing lavender. Love Lettuce is made from Seaweed Gel, and is a smooth, cool paste with both small and chunky grains running throughout. 
I applied the mask in circular motions, using my the tip of my fingers to really work the exfoliation. It applied very smoothly, and felt cooling instantly. The exfoliating granules did not drag across my skin, and it was very easily to build up a good layer. This mask was not as tingly as the Superdrug Tea Tree Mud Mask, it was more a cooling treat for tired skin, rather than a refreshing wake-up call. 

I left the mask as directed for 10 minutes, (although there would be no harm in leaving it on for a little longer). Love Lettuce does dry quite stiff, and because of the grainy texture, any large face movements will cause the mask to crack a little, and there may be some grain fallout. 

I washed the facemask off, over the sink, first by massaging it, again in circular movements, to give it a last exfoliation. I then used a muslin cloth to take the excess off. 
My face was left feeling soft, thoroughly cleaned and oil free. The mask had not stripped my face, and although there was some residue, it was light and moisturising, and did not leave my skin feeling unclean or greasy. 
My skin had a glow afterwards, and instantly looked a million times better. 

LUSH Love Lettuce FaceMask say:
- An effective, exfoliating FaceMask which gives normal to oily skin a softened, smoothed and radiant glow. 

I say:
- This mask is a joy to use. 

- My skin was left oil free, yet soft and moistured, I couldn't stop stroking it.
- My skin definitely approved of this mask, having combination skin in the winter, (both dry and oily), its hard to find a balance between moisturising/greasy and refreshing/stripping. Love Lettuce is the perfect solution.

- Don't be put off by the £5.50 price tag, you're paying for at least 8 facemasks, more if used thinly. 
- This mask really is a skin saver, and it's great for when you're bunged up with the flu. 

- On a side note, in my experience, the LUSH staff are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and I would thoroughly recommend popping into your local store.

Top Tip:
Please remember that as LUSH facemasks are fresh, therefore, they need to be kept refrigerated and used within 2-3 weeks. 
I keep my Love Lettuce in the freezer, this way I can extend the life, and it's even more cooling, 
(just take it out of the freezer 10 minutes before you want to use it).

Have you used this FaceMask?
Are you a LUSH Lover?

M x 

This post is not sponsored or affiliated with LUSH in any way. The product was bought with my own money and opinions are my honest own.


  1. LOVE lush masks! and this one would be so fun for a sleepover or a night in with the girls :D

  2. @Sharon, they really are the best Facemasks you can try, I'm off to put one on now :D


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