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Guest Post: Top 5 Benefit Products by Kayleigh at Addict For Dramatics Beauty

You may have seen my "Pale Vs Bronzed" Post over at Addict for Dramatics Beauty, well now it's my time to return the favour. 
I am a huge Benebabe, although not as big as Kayleigh, (check out the pic below!), so who would be better to give their Top 5 Benefit Products, than someone who seems to own half a Benefit Counter? Take it away Kayleigh.

Since 1976, Benefit have been a well loved cosmetic brand. 
Thanks to their cleverly named products and whimsical, retro inspired packaging that many others are imitating these days. 
I absolutely love the old-fashioned candy store feel that their stores and counters have, which for me always makes the shopping experience that bit more fab. Being an absolute sucker for anything with a hint of a vintage feel, it has taken pride of place as my favourite brand.
So what about the products? 
For me, there are some hits and misses, but overall, I can safely say that my make up bag is dominated by Benefit make up, many of which I use in my daily routine. 
So for a newbie Benefit user, whatever do you try first? 
Well, here are my top five favourite products - give them a go!
1. Brow Zings
This is my absolute can't live without product for every day. I never really bothered with my brows before, but after having this smeared on my face by a Benebabe I was quite shocked with how good they looked! 
My eyebrows are rather thin and this really helps to fill them out, give them some shape and keep them looking neat. It comes with a wax for shaping the brows and a powder for setting them, plus weeny tweezers and brushes for applying. 
While I find the tweezers a bit useless, the brushes actually work very well with the product despite their size. After trying cheaper versions and other eyebrow products such as HD Brows, I still find that Brow Zings works the best - it's a must have for thin brows.

2. Smokin' Eyes Kit
What I love about this kit is that apart from mascara, it is pretty much everything you need for eyes, all in a little box. If you haven't tried a smokey eye before, it makes it super simple  by including the basic shadows you need with a little step by step guide. 
I find the shadows to be super soft and blendable and they create the look perfectly. It also comes with little things to put the finishing touches to your look - like Eye Bright, Brow Zings wax, an eyeliner pencil, mini tweezers and of course a double sided brush to apply it all with. A great all in one product!

3. California Kissin'
My favourite thing about this lip gloss is the gorgeous minty taste - when applied throughout the day it really makes you feel a lot fresher. 
This gloss claims to have teeth whitening properties thanks to the blue tint; of course I haven't found it actually makes a difference to the colour of my teeth, although it does brighten up my smile as a whole. It applies sheer with plenty of sparkles that shine blue in the light and it's perfect for day time as well as evening.

4. Benetint Lip Balm
I'm a big fan of the classic Benetint lip and cheek stain, although I find the lip balm a lot easier to use. It is pretty much exactly the same product - it has that rosy red colour, the floral scent and it even tastes the same on the lips (not that I would recommend eating it!). 
Unlike Benetint it doesn't dry too quickly and it is a lot more blendable, plus moisturizing for your lips. Even though it is a lip balm you can use it on your cheeks too! It gives a gorgeous flush and the adorable pot is really handy to keep in your bag.

5. Lemon Aid
An eyelid "primer" for dark circles and redness, it is basically a yellow-toned concealer to counteract any discolouration around your eyes. It works really well in helping to really wake up your eyes and make you look a lot brighter and more alert after a late night. 
What I like about this product is that it can be used on its own as well as under make up, so even if you can't be bothered with a full face you can still freshen up your look. A great product for busy girls!

All products available from or your nearest Benefit counter.
So there you have it, those are my top five Benefit favourites! 
Do you use any of these products, or what would be your own recommendations? Let us know! 
If you fancy winning a Smokin' Eyes Kit for your very own, pop along to Addict For Dramatics to enter my giveaway (50 Followers and 100 Followers) and check out Max's own guest post.
I hope you enjoyed this post and a big thank you Maxine for letting me take over her blog today!
No problem Kayleigh and what a great post! 
The Smokin' Eyes Kit sounds perfect. I think my favourites have to be High Beam and Posietint, but then I love Bella Bamba too, what's a girl to do?

What are you favourite Benefit Products?
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