Friday, 4 November 2011

FaceMask Friday: Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint Mud Mask 89p

Sporting a Quiff that would make even Jedward Jealous.
I love a good FaceMask. Any product that will do all the work will I sit back and relax sounds good to me. 
And what better way to relax after the working week, and prep your face for partying?

The facemask I'm using this week is Superdrug's Tea Tree Mud Mask, the mask retails for 89p, and can be bought from most Superdrug stores.

First Impressions:
Even though its only a 10ml pack, you get a lot of product. 

I've decided to split the pack in two and use it twice, as one thin coat evenly applied will do the job just as well and cover your whole face, unless you have a giant moon face like Katherine, (Inside joke, I'm not just abusing random bloggers on flight of fancy).
The mask itself is a light pale green colour, with the recognisable Tea Tree smell. It applied very smoothly, with a refreshing, light and tingly feel. The mask did not sting my face at all, just cooled. As it dried it went a little stiff, but not so much that I couldn't comfortably move my face. As scientifically demonstrated below.

I left the mask on for at least the directed 10 minutes, maybe more, by then it had dried and I gently washed it off with lukewarm water.My face was left feeling very fresh, thoroughly cleaned and oil free. The mask had not stripped my face uncomfortably, it was still very soft and gentle.

Superdrug Tea Tree and Peppermint Mud Mask say:
- Specifically formulated to deeply cleanse and purify pores, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean.

I say:
- A great and inexpensive mask for oily or spot-prone skin. 

- I did notice a reduction in the appearance of my pores and blackheads. 
- It was a treat to use and I think this would be amazing for when you are feeling hungover under the weather as it's refreshing and cooling. 
- It's only 89p, and would provide enough for 2 masks when used thinly. 
- Highly recommend :)

Have you used this Facemask? What Facemask's do you recommend?

M x 


  1. great review and love the photos!

  2. This sounds really cool, might have to give this one a go! :)


  3. Loving the photos! Might have to try this one, little bit of a facemask addict!xx

  4. @Beauty Balm, thanks, I couldn't resist! x

    @Chloe, for 89p you should definitely give it a try x

    @MissRoc, Me too, gonna need to make this a permanent feature x

  5. have tried it and will say that just a waste of money and time.


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