Wednesday, 16 November 2011

ELF Mystery Box, What Was Inside My Box?

I finally got my Mystery Box, it was delivered a little later than I expected, but hopefully you're still interested.

Elf were offering a great deal last week, if you spent over £10 and entered their Promo Code, you received free delivery and a free mystery box full of Elf products, worth at least £10! 
Try as I might, I couldn't resist, so I treated myself to a cheeky order. 
I bought a Stipple Brush, Elf Lipstick in Classy and Elf Cream Blush in Heartbreaker, which came to only £11.50, with free delivery and a Mystery Box. 
So what did I get for my money?

Original Order
- Elf Lipstick in Classy, £1.50 (Update: Classy has completely changed)
- Elf Studio Stipple Brush, £3.50
- Elf Studio Cream Blush in Heartbreaker, £6.50
Included in the Free Mystery Box
- Elf Beauty Book, Neutral Eye Edition, £6 (Free in Mystery Box)
- Elf Nail Polish in Twinkle, £1.50 (Free in Mystery Box)
- Elf Cream Eyeliner in Coffee, £3.50 (Free in Mystery Box)

£11.50, for all of the above, not too shabby!

Although, the items were not something I would have normally picked if I had the choice, I was really happy with them. 
The Nail Polish is lovely, it would make a unique top coat, I was actually looking for something really similar, but the picture on the Elf website isn't a true representation.
The Beauty Book is amazing value (even better when it's free), as you get 12 eyeshadows, a brown mini eyeliner, an applicator and a built in mirror, plus you can't go wrong with the colour choice, this will definitely get a good use.
I use my Black Maybelline Cream Eyeliner a lot, but I'm not too sure of a brown cream liner, however it's still a great freebie, and might feature in a little giveaway.

I'm really glad I decided to batter my bank balance and take advantage of this deal, if the Mystery Box isn't to your liking, then it would still make a great Christmas gift, and no one need ever know it was a cheeky freebie.

Did you manage to get your hands on a Mystery Box? 
What did you get?

M x

This post is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Elf Cosmetics, or any other company. 
As always opinions are my own and honest.


  1. Got some nice stuff there :)

  2. I got exactly the same mystery box...I was so happy with it - took them to work to show off my haul and I had everyone placing Elf orders by lunch time :)

  3. I'm still waiting my mistery box...I'm so curious!!!!!! *_*

  4. I love your beauty :)
    I wish I get the same since I don't own any palette, and cream liner will be great to receive too :)Please swatch it for us :)

  5. That's a really good deal. I love the palette xx

  6. Wow you got some amazing stuff in your mystery box! Mine was quite disappointing :(

  7. @Lara, thanks, I was quite chuffed :)

    @Lisa, they should be paying you :P

    @Es, let me know what you get :D

    @BeautyandSweets, I had a little swatch of the palette and its not too pigmented, will try it over a primer and let you know how I get on. Still not bad for free though :)

    @Eden Angel, it was an amazing deal, did you manage to get it?

    @Naomi, aww, thats a shame :(
    What did you get?


  8. Ha can't believe you got the classy lipstick again!

    Wish I'd ordered now!!

  9. In my mistery box I got 4 items check out here please:

    The matte lip color was not a color I really liked and I already have that nail polish.
    I really was happy with the cream blush and the matt lip color might grow on me and nail files are always handy. :)


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