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Halloween Make-Up Tutorial Part 2: Zombie Corpse Bride. Grrr. Arrrg.

Seeing as it's nearly Halloween I thought I might treat you to another Spooky tutorial, 
treat, d'ya geddit? No, oh, I give up. 
I love Zombie Films, they are the perfect amount of cheese and horror, and a Zombie is such an easy yet scary Halloween costume, (scroll down to the bottom to see my past Halloween Costumes).
You can wear your old clothes, and using this tutorial you don't need a lot of make-up products. Here is a Zombie/Corpse Bride make-up tutorial. I've tried to keep it fairly easy to follow and used basic products.

You will need:
- White Face Paint, (if you are stuck just use a creamy moisturiser).
- Flour, any type, (you can use white face powder but it's not as easy to find).
- Black Liquid Eyeliner, best to use a cheap or old eyeliner as it may get damaged.
- Black, Brown, Green and Blue/Purple Eyeshadow, preferably matte.
- A red eyeliner/lip liner.
- Red/Dark Pink and Purple Lipsticks.
- Brushes for applying and blending.
- An optional extra would be a good primer, to help your look last all night.

Excuse the bemused faces I'm pulling, I would like to say I was channeling Zombie, but I'm still getting used to this posing malarkey. As always, just click on the photos to enlarge them.

- I started with a cleansed and moisturised face, this is very important as most face paints are oil based, meaning that if you already have oily skin, like me, you could breakout. The Base is very similar to my Skull tutorial. An extra option for this look would be to use a primer before you start, this will ensure an even base, and help your make-up last longer.
- First, I applied "Classic Colours Snazaroo Face and Body Paint" in white all over my face, it can be quite hard to work with so I used an old foundation brush.
- Next, I set the base with flour, yes flour! Just your everyday self-raising flour. Of course you can use white powder if you have any, but who does? Just lightly dust the flour around the face until your base no longer feels tacky. I used an old blusher brush, but any brush with soft bristles will do.

- Now you have your base you can start with the detail. I shaded one of my eyes with black eyeshadow. I wanted my Zombie face to be quite haphazard so I only shaded one eye, I find that the look is best when it is not symmetrical. I also took my black eyeshadow onto my temple and under my cheeks.- I then took my liquid eyeliner and drew a line underneath each eye, at this point I also drew cracks in my skin.
- To give a bruised and bloody feel I took a purple lipstick (Rimmel 124 Bordeaux) and a deep pink/purple (Barry M 141) and applied it over the lips, down from my nostril and under my eyes, then smudged and wiped. Dotting with a little black eyeshadow. You do not have to be precise at all, the messier, the better.
- I then took my red lip liner and applied under the eyes and in the waterline to give a bleeding eye look. 

- The next stage was adding some depth to the look. I took my eyeliner and drew 2 lines rising from my inner eye to my temple, to give the impression I was angry. I then blended these lines outwards using black eyeshadow. 
- To make the cuts and cracks more realistic I outlined 1 side of each cut/crack with a red lipstick (MUA Shade 1), and traced a little purple lipstick in the corner.
- Next I took my green eyeshadow and blended the lines on my forehead a little more, at this point I also smudged brown onto my nose and cheek. This was to act as mud/dirt on my face. 
- I then took my lipstick under one of eyes and blended outwards to make a bloody eye. In addition, I drew a red line on my cheek to make a cut, then smudged it downwards. Adding black eyeshadow underneath, to give a gaunt and sunken look.
- Finally I added some blue to my cuts and cracks to make them appear more veiny and protruding, then finished off with a lashing of mascara.
- An added option I have taken is to put red lipstick on my teeth, mimicking dried blood, I also filled in some of my teeth with black eyeliner. Although this makes the look more realistic, it's not something that would really be viable or lasting at a party because, as soon as you drink or eat, it will come straight off. It is however, great for pics.
Grrr. Arrrg. Who wouldn't want to marry me? Just casually chomping on an a tibia.
That is one face you would not wanna leave at the alter.

So there you go! That is your Zombie/Corpse Bride Make-Up tutorial, you don't need to be perfect with it. The messier you are, the more disheveled it will look, and the more realistic it will seem. To finish off the look backcomb your hair plenty, backcombing will work better on unwashed hair, (Zombies don't have clean hair!).
To add to the look I gave my hair a liberal spraying of dry shampoo (Batiste) and weaved through some old twigs and leaves from my garden (check for creepy crawlies, euugh). To complete my Corpse Bride look I added a net veil I bought from a Charity/Vintage Shop, you could however use some old net or lace curtains.

I hope this helped or gave a little inspiration, if there are any looks you would like me to recreate just comment below. 

As promised, here are some of the some of the Halloween looks I've had fun with before.

My lovely boyfriend James and I as Sonny and Cher. And yes, that is his real hair! Unfortunately, I can't say the same about my chest wig...

My best friends Katherine and Sarah, and I dressed as Zombie School Girl, Zombie Bride and Zombie Gaga. This was actually for my 19th Birthday Party, yes I had a Zombie Birthday Party, told you I was obsessed.

James and I, 2 years ago as Zombie Girl and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Cheers for dropping by and have a Happy Halloween!

M x

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