Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Make-Up Tutorial: Lady Gaga and Rick Genest Inspired Skull Face

Hey Again, 
Something a bit different today, I was recently watching this video, and thought what a great look this would be for Halloween. I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga, and Rick Genest features in her “Born This Way” video, in which Lady Gaga recreates his look. 
So enough rambling, here is my Lady Gaga and Rick Genest Skull inspired look. It’s really simple when you know how, this was my first attempt. I’ve tried to use minimal products that are easily available, good luck!

You will need:
- White Face Paint, (if you are stuck just use a creamy moisturiser).
- Flour, any type, (you can use white face powder but it's not as easy to find).
- Black Liquid Eyeliner, best to use a cheap or old eyeliner as it may get damaged.
- Black Eyeshadow, preferably matte.
- Brushes for applying and blending.
Just click to enlarge any of the pictures if you need a closer look :)
- I started with a cleansed and moisturised face, this is very important as most face paints are oil based, meaning that if you already have oily skin, like me, you could breakout. 
- I then applied "Classic Colours Snazaroo Face and Body Paint" in white all over my face, it can be quite hard to work with so I used an old foundation brush.
- Next I set the base with flour, yes flour! Just your everyday self-raising flour. Of course you can use white powder if you have any, but who does? Just lightly dust the flour around the face until your base no longer feels tacky. I used an old blusher brush, but any brush with soft bristles will do.
- Now, take your liquid eyeliner and draw a large circle around your eye. I took the circle over and just beyond my eyebrow, end your circle in a point on your cheeks.

- Then take your liquid eyeliner and draw two equal triangles on your nose, fill them in taking the line to just above the nostrils and tip of nose. Don't worry if the eyeliner doesn't look opaque enough, this can be filled in later with eyeshadow.
- On the the cheeks, fill in small squares below your cheeks, this will be later filled in to give a gaunt appearance.
 - Next, start adding detail with your liquid eyeliner, firstly take two lines from each eye and raise them to almost your hairline.
- Then trace a line from each lower cheek square you have drawn earlier. Take this across the mouth and lips.

- To give the appearance of teeth draw short thin lines about a centimetre apart along your mouth. At this point I also added some cracks along the jaw and made a more defined chin.
- Now you can start to fill in and blend with your eyeshadow. Take an eyeshadow applicator and pat your black eyeshadow over the areas where you have applied your eyeliner. This will make these areas more opaque and hide any gaps.
- Use your eyeshadow and applicator to elongate your forehead and mouth lines.
- Start to blend your forehead lines, but always blend outwords. In Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video she has prosthetic horns, unfortunately this is not realistic for most of us, but by blending outwards this will give the appearance of depth.
- Take your black eyeshadow and apply below the eyes, and cheeks to give a sunken hollow effect. Then apply and blend along the hairlines and chin. 

- Finally, apply a little eyeliner across the top of the nose and in the centre of the mouth and blend. At this point you can also add a lashing of mascara to cover any white marks.
Now pull silly faces, and scare your boyfriend/family/flatmates. It really is quite easy when you know how, this was the first time I'd ever tried it and I'm very happy with the results. 
You don't need many products and it looks really shocking and effective, rock it up with some backcombed hair or a side pony and suit a la Lady Gaga.
Happy Halloween!
M x


  1. WOOOOOOOW this is absolutely amazing!!! Sorry it took me so long to see the link you atached to my comment box but wooow looool I love it!!!!!

  2. @Epiphannie A, Thank you, no problem, just thought you might like to see it :D x

  3. WOWIE!!! I absolutely love it!!!! =D


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