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Maxine Reviews: Simple Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen

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The whole idea of this product was genius. 
I am a huge fan of 1940's flicked eyeliner, but it can be a bit tricky trying to get two evenly matched flicks, meaning sometimes it takes a couple of attempts to get it looking perfect. 
And how many times have you applied your mascara only for the top lashes to smudge below your brow? 
The Simple Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen seemed to have the answer to these problems, a small white pen with a soft felt nib to fix any make-up mistakes, important word being "seemed".

I bought the Simple Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen on a trip to boots, at £4.99, it was a bit pricey for my  student budget, but can you put a price on flawless eyeliner?

Sure, the first time I used the Corrector Pen I was impressed, light, easy to handle and removed the desired amount of eyeliner precisely. (Also, when I purchased this product I didn't realise that you have to clean the nib with a make-up/baby wipe after each use, makes sense I suppose, but a wipe each time you use it, to me, seems a bit excessive).

However the next time I came to use the Corrector Pen it seemed there was still some leftover make-up on it, because instead of removing my make-up, it just added a smudgy mess to it.
I've since gave it numerous chances and they have all ended in disaster, the nib had started to split into a fluffy wreck, drying up in the process. No matter how much I have tried to clean it with make-up wipes, it is still a dirty greyish colour.

- A great idea in theory.
- As with all simple products, it has no alcohol, no perfume and no harsh chemicals.

- It just doesn't work after your first use, and often makes your small mistake into a smudgy wreck.
- You have to use a make-up/baby wipe after each use (they recommend a Simple Make-Up wipe). 
This annoyed me for three reasons, 
1) Why don't I just use the wipe lightly to remove my mistake? 
2) I payed for the pen already, why should I have to buy wipes?
3) Using a wipe each time doesn't seem good for my wallet or the environment.
- Forking out £4.99 for something that only works once, cheers Simple.
 (Yes, I know it's only £4.99, but that's a new lipstick or nail polish!).
- It just doesn't live up to the hype.

Simple says: Our Eye Make-up Corrector Pen is the perfect tool to easily remove eye make-up mistakes, even waterproof mascara. The precision tip allows you to correct mistakes leaving the rest of your make-up untouched.

I say: I have seen a lot of positive reviews of this product - but they have all been sponsored. I don't know how anyone can honestly say they love this product. 
Don't waste your money for something you will only get one or two uses from. Try an ear-bud dipped in make-up remover/cleanser or toner. It will have the same effect, and be a lot lighter on your bank balance.

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  1. Iv'e also given this ago and it ended up in the bin. The nib was make up dirty which then smudged as u also found, the lid kept pinging off it didnt seem wet enough. So i 100% agree with ur review xx

  2. Glad it's not just me, I thought my review might have been too scathing, but I wanted to let people know what I thought of the product.
    Then, hopefully, people won't be swayed by sponsored reviews :)


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