Sunday, 4 December 2011

Freebie From Glamour Test Panel - The New Clearasil Daily Clear PerfectaWash

Did you guess what was in my Glamour Test Panel Box?

I'm not surprised, this gadget isn't even in the shops until January!

It's the new 'Clearisil Daily Clear PerfectaWash', containing, Superfruits Extracts & Vitamin E refill facewash, which is specifically designed for oily skin that is prone to breakouts. 
But, it's not just a bottle of face wash, it also comes with an Automatic Face Wash Dispenser, kind of along the same lines as the no-touch hand washes that are on the scene at the moment.

At first I was a little confused, the touch-free hand soap is designed as a more hygienic to wash your hands after you go to the toilet, but why would you need a cleaner way to wash your face? 
However, once I read the information Glamour provided, it made a bit more sense. 
Basically, the concept is to give you the perfect dose of face wash, meaning you get the right amount to clean your skin without drying it out. The refill provides 100 washes, which if used morning and night, should last around 7 weeks.
The dispenser takes 3AA batteries, provided with the dispenser, you just switch it on at the back, wait till the blue light stops flashing and then place your hand under the dispenser.
I was a little surprised at how much face wash they recommend you to use, the amount provided was at least double as to what I would normally use.

The face wash itself is really nice, effective at reducing oil, yet gentle.
But, something just isn't selling it to me, I think it's because Clearasil are trying to solve a problem that no one really has. I mean, we all know how to wash our face, right?
Plus, I keep accidently activating it, and I'm pretty sure, my flatmates have been using it as hand soap...

I am really enjoying using the product, and like I said, the face wash is perfect for my skin but at an RRP of £12.99, I wouldn't purchase it myself.
However, as a freebie, it's a fab item to try, and I'm not gonna lie, it's nice to try an 'exclusive-not-even-available-in shops-yet' product.

Do you think there is a need for this product?
Is it something you'd like to try?

M x

This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Glamour, Clearasil, or any other company. And, as always, opinions are my honest own.


  1. That's a pretty interesting concept.. I've never actually seen auto-dispensers for face wash before. O_o Really intrigued to give it a try!

  2. I can just see by boyfriend using it to wash his hands..
    Besides, it looks like a bit of a clutter.. Definetely- no need.

  3. @Chaya Bunny, it is interesting, but I'm just not sure its needed... x

    @Iiona, Lol, I think my flatmates have been using it, I completely agree, I just don't really see the need for it x


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