Monday, 5 December 2011

50% Off Everything At The Body Shop Online!

Hey Lovelies, 
Just an extremely quick post to mention that 'The Body Shop' Online are offering 50% off everything in their range, including gifts, skincare and make-up, when you enter the code JOY50 at the checkout. 
Also, if you spend over £30, delivery is free.
This offer is only available for 24 hours, and started early this morning, so be quick!

I have a huge family, and when I say huge, I mean it. 
I have four older brothers, not to mention step-sisters, and step-brothers, seven uncles, and countless cousins, nieces and nephews, so even getting everyone a teeny gift soon adds up.
That's why I absolutely jumped at this discount code, I've managed to get all my Christmas Presents in one order!! 
I'm so chuffed with myself, and it's a huge relief off my chest. I only need to get wrapping paper, a few pressies for my nieces and nephews, and I'm done!

I don't mind sharing my order, as I saved so much, and I even bought a couple of cheeky treats for myself:

Sorry the picture isn't clearer, it's just a print screen of my order, but you get the rough idea, 
(and yes, I really did buy 12 Men's Gift Sets!).
All in all I bought 28 gifts and items, which normally would have cost me an eye-watering £214, 
however, with the discount code, I saved 50%, bringing the total to £107. 
I realise £107 isn't exactly spare change, 
but when you consider it works out on average under £4 a gift, it really is amazing!

My top buy would have to be the Mini Gift Cubes.

They come in loads of different types and smells, each containing; 
a 60ml Shower Cream, a 60ml Body Lotion and an Ultra Fine Bath Lily, all wrapped in a cute little box. 
Normally these would be fantastic value at £6 each, but for only £3, they are a must buy!
Perfect for Secret Santas, Mums, Sisters, Grans, Friends, Teachers, and those unexpected guests.

I know I wrote a similar post recently on the ASOS sale, and I swear I am in no way being sponsored/paid, or even acknowledged for these posts. I know that Christmas can be really a tough and stressful time, so I'm just passing on any deals and discounts that catch my eye, and would never promote anything I wouldn't use myself.

If you have your Christmas sorted already, (how organised are you!?), then it's still worth taking a look for yourself, I can recommend their foundations and make-up brushes.
I'm so glad I don't have to trek out in the cold this year, online shopping FTW!
Have you finished your Christmas Shopping yet?
Will you be picking anything up with The Body Shop Discount Code?

M x 

This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with The Body Shop, or any other company, just passing on a good deal when I see one. And, as always, opinions are my honest own.


  1. @Girlie Blogger, me too! Such a bargain x

  2. Thanks for all the heads-up on all these sales and offers ;) Sounds like a great deal you've got there - and the fact all your shopping is pretty much done now is a massive plus! I'm mainly sorted for mine too actually -started fairly early in like November so just have some chocolates to get and a bit of baking to do :D x

  3. I am pretty sure I just died and went to Body Shop heaven. >_> Let's just hope I get paid before this sale ends~

  4. Awesome for gifts. <3

    Check out my MAC GIVEAWAY! and enter.


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